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Laurie Shannon is a self-taught cake artist and the host of ‘The Icing Artist’. An award winning YouTube channel with over six million followers around the world. With her 7 years of experience making cake decorating videos, Laurie teaches how easy it is to make those wow-worthy cakes we re all in awe of!
Her work has been featured on show like Live with Kelly & Ryan, Sundance Film Festival, BuzzFeed, VICE, Toronto Life and many more.
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Receitas The Icing Artist

BUTTERBEER Flavored Harry Potter Cake!

I ordered ONE OF MY CAKES from 1 vs. 5 STAR BAKERY

Turning a $20 Grocery Store Cake into a $500 Wedding Cake!

Fluffy UNICORN Cloud Bread!

TikTok DRIP Cake! (They LOVED it!)

American Flag INSIDE a Cake for 4th of July!

Testing TikTok Food Hacks To See If They re real!

Striped BUTTERCREAM Rainbow Cake!

Trying Weird WISH Baking Gadgets!

Every Kind of RUSSIAN PIPING Tips for Mother s day!

Tiger CAKE with a Surprise Inside!

Perfect Quarantine Food Experiments!

Testing 5 Minute Craft s FAKE BAKING HACKS!

Mini Wedding cake in an EASY BAKE OVEN!

Rainbow Heart SURPRISE Inside Cake!

Attempting RUSSIAN PIPING TIPS using Italian Meringue Buttercream!

Trying Weird AMAZON Baking Gadgets!

Trying to Carve FROZEN Buttercream... I m SHOOK!!

AMAZING Crafts you NEED to see!!

6 EASY Holiday Brownies you NEED to try! (SO FUDGEY!)

James Charles EDIBLE MAKEUP Palette CAKE!

Trying to Make a FAULT LINE CAKE with Russian Piping Tip Flowers!

Use These TRICKS to FROST Cupcakes LIKE A PRO!

Kawaii Avocado CAKE baked with FRESH Avocados! Surprise inside CHOCOLATE!

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