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Hi, welcome to my channel.
Hands Touch is for making easy, lovely and delicious food for your loving family and friends by your lovely hands.
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How to Make Homemade Pancakes | Easy Mini Pancake Recipe

If you have milk, almond and sugar, you can try this summer recipe at home

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Semolina Cake Recipe Soft & Delicious

Add eggs into potatoes, the result will be delicious and Surprising !!

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Just 10 minutes breakfast recipe everybody can make at home

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Do you have oats, dates and banana? Make this snacks at home

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Chocolate flan cake without oven | Chocolate pudding cake recipe

Add milk into nuts, dates, fruits and sago, you will be surprised with the dessert !!

Just 10 Minutes Garlic Naan Recipe without Yeast, Curd and Oven | Butter Garlic Naan Recipe

Easy & Delicious Chocolate Dessert Recipe | How to make chocolate dessert at home

No Condensed Milk Mango ice cream recipe | How to make homemade Mango Ice cream

The secret for the most delicious Caramel Pudding Recipe that will melt in your mouth !!

Easy and Simple Breakfast Recipe in 15 minutes

Do you have Almond, Milk and Sugar? Make this Surprising Dessert

Add Milk into Nuts and Sugar for Amazing Dessert !!

Mango Dessert with 1/2 liter Milk | Easy Dessert Homemade

A New Way of making Mango Ice Cream without Condensed Milk | Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Soft & Creamy Milk Dessert melt in your mouth

Do you have Milk, Sugar and Peanut at home? Make this delicious Dessert

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